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  1. Greetings,

    Svaha Sound System has evolved from stepping Sound Systems such as Jah Shaka, King Earthquake and Aba Shanti through the late 90’s, mix in with that Drum and Bass, Jungle and Hip-Hop and Spiritual Hindu music and the foundation of Svaha Sound Systems sound is evident.

    Having this deep education in the dance in addition to exposure to a wide variety of musical influences, a void in conscious music in the UK was highlighted, as only Roots Reggae was catering to this need. This gave birth to Svaha Sound System, combining Ancient Culture from Hinduism and Rastafarianism and pushing forward to a new dawn.

    Music is a form of meditation and the same can be said of religion… So for me music is my religion.
    I find my inspiration in music and it is ancient sounds and chanting, such as mantras which guide alot of my work.

    The use of hindu mythology is an attempt to celebrate my heritage whilst pushing the idea of music as a vehicle for change and re-definition of old world traditions.
    Svaha is the sanskrit word for ‘so be it’… that sums up my music perfectly… it harks to the idea that you shouldnt over complicate it, just let it be.

    you can listen, view and find out more by visiting:

    my music available as MP3 or Wav on request


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